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Substance Abuse Disorders

No One Ever Has "Junkie" as a Life Goal

At Carolina Counseling and Therapeutic Solutions we understand that no one is born aspiring to abuse drugs or become dependent on a substance. We firmly believe that most people use substances in an attempt to fix their lives or to feel better about themselves or their life.  This translates in therapy as a core belief that the client does not want to harm themselves. Given the proper tools in therapy and practice using them, a client will experience a different more effective solution to their problem that does not include the harmful consequences of substance use. To put it more simply, when therapeutic solutions become more effective at relieving the suffering a client experiences, the client has no need for the substance they have abused. We then move from a problem focus in therapy to treatment for the substance abuse. Our counselors are highly trained in providing brief solution focused therapy that utilizes both thought and behavioral constructs that maximize a client’s motivation toward beneficial changes