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Pain Consultations

Offering multiple modalities for pain management

The therapists at Carolina Counseling and Therapeutic Solutions are available to provide physicians a non-narcotic method of caring for their chronic pain patients. We understand the growing concern about primary pharmacological interventions. We believe that psychotherapeutic approaches in the treatment of pain can and do act as effective augments.


By viewing pain in a perceptual framework, we see the impact of pain on the attentional, cognitive, affective, and social components to the patient’s pain experience. Depression, for example, is extremely common in patients suffering from chronic pain. We will work to compile a detailed profile to assess the severity of underlying psychological problems. This profile allows us to determine the most appropriate care. Occasionally, medications chosen to alleviate psychological concerns can be helpful in treating the underlying pain as well. Conversely, we also understand that medications used to treat pain can cause depression-like symptoms. The use of cognitive behavioral therapy has shown to be helpful for patients suffering from pain. A vicious cycle, where pain may exacerbate the underlying depression and depression may worsen the pain complaints, often exists. Aggressively addressing both health issues is necessary for the best recovery to occur.


Our psychotherapeutic approaches to patients in pain will vary depending on the level and type of pain the patient is suffering from. We can treat acute, continuous, or chronic pain. When typical pain management fails to alleviate the pain, psychological consultation may be necessary and be the one factor that brings relief.


In addition, we will collaboratively discuss goals and treatment with you and your patient. We realize our goals may not be a cure to the pain, but to help the patient live with the pain in a better way.


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