Because no one heals in isolation

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Family Support

Love and Healing Begin at Home

We also understand that living with a loved one who has been diagnosed with a mental condition brings unique stressors and challenges. Our counselors are trained to offer sensitive, compassionate support for clients who need help understanding the blurred lines that often occur when engaging in a relationship with someone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness.


At Carolina Counseling and Therapeutic Solutions we specialize in helping individuals and families to:

  • •  Understand more clearly how the diagnosis affects their relationship
  • •  Comprehend the limits to and of the diagnosis
  • •  Realistic solutions to cope with the stress in living with someone who has a mental health disorder
  • •  End their isolation that often accompanies life with a family member who is mentally ill
  • •  Acquire an outlet and on-going resources for information about a mental health disorder
  • •  Stop unhealthy relationship dynamics that contribute to the deterioration of their relationship