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Age Related Mental Health

Time Can Change the Aspect of Mental Illness

 According to the World Health Organization, dementia, depression and anxiety are the most common emotional problems older clients face. Carolina Counseling and Therapeutic Solutions offers help to   clients who are beginning to experience some of the challenges that accompany aging. Our counselors use the latest evidence based therapies when working with older clients. We believe that older clients possess a rich and varied skill set which is acquired through their life experiences. Tapping into these experiences may provide a source for healing that is easily understood and can be applied to help meet the client’s need

We also welcome individuals caring for an elder who suffers from an age related mental health challenge. These challenges include a medical diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our therapists offer stress management for the caregiver, families, and partners of the loved ones with these age related mental health issues. We also offer counseling for clients and their families who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or other cognitive and physical impairments such as ALS. We understand the impact of these conditions on the client and family functioning. We are able to provide support and guidance through the tough challenges that often accompany these diagnoses.